Multitasking Miracle

Like any busy mum I find it hard to incorporate a solid beauty routine into my already jam packed day.  That’s why I appreciate products that have multiple uses.  So, discovering DermaEraze Miracle Oil was an absolute boon!  This little bottle of fabulousness can be used on the skin and hair.  Although it is an oil, it absorbs like a lotion.  So, it is the perfect primer under my make-up for my dry skin.  I use it at night as a moisturiser and absorbs so quickly your skin feels soft and smooth from the first use.  But, it can be used over the whole body and is particularly good for scars and stretch marks.   I obviously have extensive scars over my entire body due to plastic surgery and have noticed a visible difference in the last three months of use.


Created by world renowned Skin Repair Specialist Lorena Öberg, This formulation is made from the purest Olive, Almond and Avocado oils.  The healing properties of the oil make it an ideal product to use alongside aesthetic procedures such as micro-needling as it aids the skins ability to repair itself.

The Miracle Oil has done a beautiful job in keeping my hair extensions in great condition.  I use it prior to straitening and any other heat treatments as it keeps my ends smooth and shiny.  Again because it absorbs so well there are no issues with it causing the extensions to slip or the bonds to break down.

This is certainly a product that will remain a staple in my beauty routine.

Coming soon I will be revisiting Lorena in clinic to try her world famous DermaEraze Stretch Mark Removal Treatment. Just in time for bikini season!

Click here for more information on the DermaEraze Stretch Mark Removal Treatment.


Un-ageing Gracefully

In the run up to my 45th birthday I thought it only right to look at some of the ways to beat back the hand of time. This is the first article in a series about women and ageing.  More accurately the lengths at which I intend to go to in order to look the way I feel.  I suppose it is all part of the bigger transformation.  As a young woman I was so overweight I didn’t have any self esteem.  I don’t think I was ever able to fully experience the luxury of “youth”.  I spent the years I should have been having fun and being carefree stuck inside wallowing in my relative fatness.

So, call it a mid-life crisis or perhaps just complete unadulterated insanity, but I want my youth back, now that I can fully enjoy it!  The fact is I don’t feel old.  I have young children, I am active and love all things trendy.  I don’t see the point of letting father time win.  So, I have made a decision that I am going to opt out of the ageing process or at least fight it kicking and screaming.

Having relatively decent skin for a pre-geriatric I have gone on a quest to find out the most advantageous ways to un-age gracefully.  Over the course of the next couple of months I will be undergoing treatments involving needles, infra-red probes, heat, electricity, more needles, exercise and just plain old good nutrition.   So, with the help of some of best Aesthetic Professionals in the world the clock stops here!

These are a few of my favourite things…

First of all I will tell you all that part 2 of Resurrection will be up at the weekend.  However, following my post about the amazing workshop I went to I have to brag about a couple of stand out products I received in the Build a Blog Workshop goody bag.

Obviously, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful bottles of lotions, potions and all sorts of notions I received.  To be honest there are still things I have not had a chance to try yet.  I feel truly spoiled!  But, I need to give some special shout outs to a couple of things that have become staples in my daily skin routines.

First of all, the discovery of the Resurf.a.stick.  It has an absolutely genius design.  It looks a bit like a deodorant stick, a solid creamy stick that encases millions of gentle bits of exfoliating crystals.  Basically, you wet the stick and roll it over your skin for one to two minutes, then rinse.  It leaves you with beautiful baby soft skin.  I have found it very useful in awkward places like arm pits before having a spray tan as well.  As a very busy mum of five year old twins I always appreciate a short cut. As I almost never get a chance to have a salon facial I absolutely love this product!!!

The next treasure I discovered in my bag of fab was the Dermaeraze Miracle Oil.  Again as a busy working Mum I appreciate products that are versatile and have more than one use.  This little beauty can be used on skin and hair.  I use it on my skin under make up and as my night time moisturiser.  I have quite extensive scars as a result of the many plastic surgeries I have had.  So, I am using it on my scars as well.  (watch this space for results)  The Miracle Oil makes an amazing once a week treatment as well putting on my ends before blow drying.  I love it!!  It absorbs instantly so I don’t look like I fell in a vat of olive oil and it feels beautiful on my skin and hair.

Both of these are definitely well and truly a part of my beauty regime!!