On the Lash!

I know we love to talk about the latest life “hacks”.  I love a short cut as much as the next chick.  But, when it comes to the art of the beauty hack, nothing comes as close to perfect as a good set of semi-perm lashes.  I discovered them a few months ago after seeing a portfolio of someone who is nothing short of an artist. Princess Tannage or as I call him the the eyelash whisperer.  His name is Tony and he is a mobile beauty genius who comes to your house to beautify you.  I have been seeing him for a while.  Ladies I am telling you this is the secret to looking fabulous, even freshly rolled out of bed.  I have an infill every two weeks.  But the lashes themselves easily can go three weeks plus.  They give you the illusion of make-up even on a bare faced Sunday you are always glam. Tony is fabulous and professional and meticulous in his work.


No more mascara and always the perfect eyes that pop no matter what the look you are trying to achieve.  The thing I really love if that as someone with no time to spare this gives me a great glamourous look no matter what the occasion.  Now always wanting to try the newest looks, we discussed trying coloured lashes.  Following a consultation we decided on purple to bring out the green in my eyes.  He intermingled the purple lashes giving an almost “highlight” effect.  They seriously pop!  These are definitely a keeper!!eye2

http://www.facebook.com/princess.tannage?fref=ts  Check in to see the full areas he covers as well as other services.