These are a few of my favourite things…

First of all I will tell you all that part 2 of Resurrection will be up at the weekend.  However, following my post about the amazing workshop I went to I have to brag about a couple of stand out products I received in the Build a Blog Workshop goody bag.

Obviously, I was overwhelmed by the beautiful bottles of lotions, potions and all sorts of notions I received.  To be honest there are still things I have not had a chance to try yet.  I feel truly spoiled!  But, I need to give some special shout outs to a couple of things that have become staples in my daily skin routines.

First of all, the discovery of the Resurf.a.stick.  It has an absolutely genius design.  It looks a bit like a deodorant stick, a solid creamy stick that encases millions of gentle bits of exfoliating crystals.  Basically, you wet the stick and roll it over your skin for one to two minutes, then rinse.  It leaves you with beautiful baby soft skin.  I have found it very useful in awkward places like arm pits before having a spray tan as well.  As a very busy mum of five year old twins I always appreciate a short cut. As I almost never get a chance to have a salon facial I absolutely love this product!!!

The next treasure I discovered in my bag of fab was the Dermaeraze Miracle Oil.  Again as a busy working Mum I appreciate products that are versatile and have more than one use.  This little beauty can be used on skin and hair.  I use it on my skin under make up and as my night time moisturiser.  I have quite extensive scars as a result of the many plastic surgeries I have had.  So, I am using it on my scars as well.  (watch this space for results)  The Miracle Oil makes an amazing once a week treatment as well putting on my ends before blow drying.  I love it!!  It absorbs instantly so I don’t look like I fell in a vat of olive oil and it feels beautiful on my skin and hair.

Both of these are definitely well and truly a part of my beauty regime!!