The Power Within

dm cap

This week has been quite a whirlwind.  The week started with an amazing two days attending Professional Beauty in London.  Met some amazing people and was gifted a gorgeous assortment of products which I will be bringing you very soon.   Actually, my blog this week was meant to be an open letter to Bradley Cooper listing all the reasons I feel he should give me his Oscars Goody Bag.  However, sometimes life gives you its own special kind of goody bag.

After a very glamourous two days at Pro Beauty, there was the inevitable return to reality.  But, just as I was preparing for “normal” something crazy happened.  I was informed by the Daily Mail that they would be featuring my plastic surgery story in the Femail section.  In the past I was asked to do a story for them.  But, due to my concerns over being ripped apart by the comment section I always hesitated.  But, now it had happened!  No shelter, no preparing myself, it was raw and although I feel confident about my body, my self-esteem is still very fragile.  Within 10 minutes of the article going live, I was inundated with media requests and offers.  I was not remotely prepared for the interest the story would generate.  I have been involved in media previously having had my surgery broadcast.  But, this had a life of its own.  Again my concern wasn’t in the sharing, but in the scrutiny that I knew would follow.

I worried that I would be channelled right back to my 10 year old self who was bullied so severely over my weight, I was home schooled in the end.  I made the decision that I would not look at any comments.  I have an amazing and invaluable resource in my Advisor, friend and all around Social Media Fairy Godmamma Antonia Mariconda who said, should I be confronted with any negativity to sail through it like a swan.  She was right as usual!  The feedback that I have received has been 99% positive.  With her guidance and fairy dust I am sailing and keeping my power.  I must say at this point I could not have made through the last few days with my sanity intact without the “The Cosmedic Coach” and her superhero powers.

But, in the grand scheme of things what does this all mean? Well, in the end I did succumb to the temptation of seeing what people were saying about me.  It turned into an extremely cathartic experience.  Not only have I been able to share my journey,   deeper than that I learned that I am no longer the vulnerable fat girl. That little girl who wet herself on purpose to get sent home from school as it was my only escape from the bullies is a woman now!  A strong empowered woman who isn’t going to allow anyone to take her power away again!

The Masquerader!!

I do love a mask!! So when I was given a couple from Beauty Mask Ltd I was very excited. The first one I road tested was the Luxury Q10 Caviar Nourishing Mask. After opening the pack the first noticeable thing is the amount of liquid the cloth masks are encased in. It is lovely!! The cloth mask itself is quite a genius design. There are two parts, one for the face and one for the neck. They both have bits that hook around the ears to keep them in place. I love this idea! I usually fight with these kinds of masks because it is very rare I get the chance to have a lie down, so I am forever pushing them back into place after the inevitable call of a child the second I try to relax with the mask on. This design allowed me to carry on with my usual headless chicken duties whilst having a lovely beauty treatment, which is a serious rarity for me. The mask itself feels amazing! I saved the remaining liquid from the pack and used it over my hands and feet. This is a gorgeous product! My skin felt so soft after taking it off and my neck which admittedly gets neglected quite a lot felt tighter. Since the Caviar I have tried the Bio Cellulose Apple Stem Cell mask. It was beautiful and like the Caviar, left my skin lovely and soft. Between the convenient design and luxurious feel of the liquid these are definitely something I would love to use again!